Active Kit


Excellent gift for people who like to move!  Five of our favourite products to add to your high-speed routine.  Cause it feels so good to move!

Our Favourite Deodorant: No aluminum – natural ingredients for effective deodorizing protection while you sweat it all out!
Lip Balm: Simple ingredients to keep your lips healthy and protected from our prairie winter especially when you’re out for a big ski.
Body Cream: A little goes a long way! This must-have all-over cream keeps your skin healthy and comfortable.
Healing Salve:   Need some extra helping care for tougher skin issues?  Try this out and get some relief from the plant kingdom’s best healing herbs. 
Goat Milk Sports Bar:  A limited edition soap only available in this kit! The pink side is a shampoo bar that cleans and moisturizes your hair, and the other side is a body bar with activated charcoal and exfoliants to deep clean your skin.

Weight 0.433 kg
Dimensions 17.145 × 11.43 × 11.43 cm

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