Are we open every weekend? 

Our General Store is open most weekends from 11am – 4pm (check our social media to be sure). To visit the barn, please book an Experience Aurora Tour.

Can we see the animals?

Some of our animals can be seen from our yard on the weekends between 11am-4pm. However, if you book one of our tours you will be able to interact with our animals up close.

Do we sell Goat Milk (for humans, animals or crafts)?

No, we don’t pasteurize our Goat’s Milk so it is illegal to sell or share with anyone. We turn ours into Soap so you can enjoy the skin benefits!

Do we still take Christmas Trees?

Yes! Please drop them off between 11am – 4pm, if you drive carefully towards the barn you’ll see a pile of trees.

What happens to our baby Boy Goats? 

We keep many of our boys, or we find good homes for them – especially with folks who take our Three-Day Goat School! Neutered boy goats (called Wethers) are an awesome addition to a small goat herd, to provide gentle company for bucks or does.

Do we sell Meat?

No, we are a vegetarian farm. We do sell Eggs when we have extra at our General Store on the weekends.

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