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Community Gardens

sal Are you an experienced gardener who would like to garden on a large scale? Do you practice organic gardening methods? If you’ve answered yes to both, our community garden might be a good fit for you!

Located at Aurora Farm in St. Norbert, our community garden space is ideal for folks looking to practice food security by planting in a 25’x50′ or 50’x75′ plot. This is ample space to grow an abundance of food to last throughout summer, fall, and into winter! Fees are $50 for a 25’x50′ plot and $80 for a 50’x75′ plot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will mentorship be offered?

We encourage our community gardeners to connect with one another at the plots and online in our Facebook group. This way we can learn with one another and share any gardening tips.

Can I plant flowers in my plot?

Absolutely! Flowers attract much needed pollinators, such as butterflies and bees. Plus, it’s nice to have extra beauty amongst produce.

Is water available?

No. You will be responsible for practicing water-saving methods (such as mulching) and bringing any needed water to your plot. Some gardeners also choose to set up rain barrels at their plot.

Is the garden accessible by vehicle?

Yes. If it is a wet season, driving up to your plot could be difficult or not advised. If we know the soil is particularly wet, we will notify gardeners through email and the Facebook group.

Can I use pesticides or herbicides?

We practice organic gardening methods and require our community gardeners to do the same. If there is a product you would like to use, please ask us first so we can ensure it’s safe.

Is there fencing up to prevent wildlife from entering the community garden?

No. You are welcome to put up your own barriers, netting, etc so long as you remove it at the end of the season.

Are the plots tilled?

The plots are tilled in fall and again in spring before planting begins.

Sound good? Then fill out the application! We’ll review it and get back to you if it’s a good match.

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