Lovers’ Soap


A Tribute to All Great Loves

To the tune of Lover – Taylor Swift

We can fall in love with our animal friends

This is our farm, we make the rules

And there’s a beautiful view, a soulful vibe about this place

Have we been here 20 seconds or 20 years?

Can we feel peace on earth?

Can we always live in love? Forever and ever…

This is my hope. This is home.

Aurora you’re my, my, my… Lover

We can let our friends play with our baby goats

This is our land, we share it all.

And I’m highly suspicious that I still have so much to learn

I’ve loved every summer here, and I seem to survive the winters.

Can I be soft and strong?

Can it always be this real, forever and ever

This is my hope. This is my home

Aurora you’re my, my, my… Lover


Made with a beautiful red swirl and cinnamon essential oil, these twin soap bars are gift wrapped for your love of all sorts.

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