Becoming Unruly by Dr. LaRoyce Batchelor


Becoming Unruly is practical and personable, and unlike any self-help book you have read before-there’s nothing “new-agey” going on here! This is self-improvement on steroids: action-oriented and no-holds-barred.

Becoming Unruly describes a step-by-step process to explore obsolete rules and practices that are keeping you stuck. It provides creative approaches to personal and professional relationship management, and it includes examples of scenarios that we encounter every day. Dr. Batchelor’s process is ideal for use in education, personal exploration, leadership, and team management and optimization.

Each section begins with an activity, and each activity is followed by a detailed debrief of the common responses and lessons the activity has produced over the years. Each step is designed to fit into a larger framework, which is detailed in the last chapter. This framework has proven to be highly effective in corporate settings and is a great tool for leaders.

Whether you are a teacher, a student, or a corporate leader, this book captures Dr. Batchelor’s process-the best experiential teaching that can be delivered outside of a classroom.

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