All Around Horses For Adult Beginners

Horses For Adult Beginners

Course 1 – May 18, Course 2 – June 15

Our first course starts on Wednesday, May 18 at 6:30pm and continues for 4 weeks.

Our second course starts Wednesday, June 15 at 6:30 pm and continues for 4 weeks.

The main objective is for the participants to feel comfortable and safe around horses, maybe even on the horses. Main Objective is to fall in love with horses!

Participants to learn:

·       about horses generally, “read” their cues, like ears, nose, body language etc., brushing, hoof picking, learning about the breeds at the farm, their characteristics, temperament etc., safety around horses

·       participants leading a horse with a lead rope, evaluating venturing outside on the property towards the end of the course, perhaps with the small ponies

·       equipment, saddle, bridle, how to get a horse ready to be ridden

·       horseback riding basics on lead rope

Participants to bring/wear:

Dress for the actual weather condition, good sturdy footwear with heel no more than 1.5 inches tall, bike helmet if no equestrian helmet available, carrots/apples for the horses


Instructor: Jessica Muschalla has loved horses ever since she remembers, started horseback riding at a young age and rode Shetland ponies bareback in her neighbourhood. Moved up a couple of horse sizes and had many years English riding lessons abroad. Took a break when she moved to Canada and her kids arrived on the scene but has since started to actively horseback ride at Aurora Farm for some years now and has been coached by the “house” coach, Zona May. 

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