Baby Goat & Alpaca Yoga


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our very successful 2019 Goat Yoga Season. Next year’s Goat Yoga season will be announced around April 2020.


Ever wanted to experience Yoga with a playful group of goats roaming around, and alpacas looking on curiously?
We’re happy to be offering Goat & Alpaca Yoga in the Summer Months.

Awesome Yoga Instructor Holly Pluchinski leads a Yoga Fusion class that will focus on deep tissue stretching (yin), strengthening (hatha and gentle vinyasa), and also have you at optimal goat petting level. Modifications offered; no yoga experience necessary.

The baby goats like to run, jump and show off their acrobatic skills throughout the class. Occasionally they’ll include you as a prop in their climbing games! The alpacas are less interactive, but very curious and like to observe and investigate the class. This year we’ve also been very lucky to have two baby alpacas to join our crew.

Our Baby Goat Yoga Teacher:

Holly Pluchinski is a 400 hour registered yoga teacher and has been practicing a variety of yoga styles since 2006. She believes that yoga can be both a tool for introspective growth and also fun which is why oftentimes there’s a lot of laughter in her classes. Holly also believes in the therapeutic and emotional value of incorporating animals into yoga practice. Check her out on Facebook or Instagram under Kayfabe Yoga!