Alpaca Dance Party

Dancing with Alpacas!

Improvised Tribal Style Bellydance accompanied by the Aurora Farm herd of alpacas sporting their spring haircuts!  Alpacas are curious, social creatures who like to join the dance circle. Are you?

Book your group event for an unforgettable evening of movements, music and connecting with the oldest domesticated animal on the planet.

Let Accalia and Mandy of Deep Roots Strong Dance led your community group, family reunion, church group, book club, or just a group of friends wanting to get together for some unique bonding and gentle body movement.
Email or call 204-261-6279 to book your event.
Accalia Robertson Bio
A Dance Manitoba Gold Award recipient and Manitoba Arts Council grant recipient, Accalia is the founder and director of Deep Roots Strong Dance® dance company. Based in Manitoba, she offers professional bellydance performance, bellydance classes and workshops, and she also directs dance compositions through various projects. Accalia continues to collaborate within the bellydance community and the greater Arabic-Canadian community in Manitoba. She has choreographed, directed and performed for The Arabic-Canadian Heritage Celebration, at weddings and restaurants across Manitoba – and at Festivals across Canada! Forever a student of dance and life, she strikes a beautiful balance of pure artistic channeling of the essence of the dance, and ongoing investment towards technical excellence. Accalia dances in expected as well as unexpected contexts for bellydance; you may see her dancing at a hookah lounge or wedding, however, you may also see her dancing alongside a spoken-word artist or electronic music DJ. She has performed with Juno-nominee Adham Shaikh, has had numerous collaborations with musicians, and she also performs fire bellydance as part of fire troupe collaborations. If you’ve ever attended the Winnipeg Folk Festival, you will know Accalia as the bellydancer who balances a flaming sword on her head while shimmying in the Folk Festival fire show. Accalia’s primary movement vocabulary is bellydance – a mix of Improvised Tribal Style and Egyptian – integrated with western and latin dance influences. In 2017, she received an arts grant from the Manitoba Arts Council to study with world-renowned dancer, Rachel Brice in Portland, Oregon. She attended training in September, 2017, where she wrote and passed her written test during training. Her final dance composition project and practical test for this training are due March 2018. Upon successful completion, Accalia will become a Certified Datura Style (Bellydance) practitioner. A Winnipeg bellydance community leader, Accalia is committed to outreach work and leading by example. She co-produces The Manitoba Fusion Bellydance Showcase and other benefit productions, from which all proceeds are donated to The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and Mercy For Animals, a farm animal welfare organization. Since she began teaching in 2012, Accalia’s special event Bellydance Classes donate all proceeds to these organizations as well. All of Accalia’s dance classes are LGBTTQ* safe spaces, where all are welcome to participate in a supportive learning environment.