Upcoming Workshops

Goat Milk Soap Making Workshop

Held at the Aurora Farm Soap Studio, St. Norbert Arts Centre, 100 rue des Ruines du Monastère

Wednesday January 16, 6-9:30pm
Wednesday January 23,  6-9:30pm
Wednesday January 30,   6-9:30pm

Learn how to make goat milk soap from scratch. Make your own designer batch of soap and take it home at production costs.

PLEASE NOTE: Cutting and picking up of the soap will be the following day from 6-7pm.  Soap requires 30 days minimum to cure. 

Cost per session: $50 Plus materials.  One batch of soap which will cut to approximately 24, 110 gr bars is $25 base price plus essential oils.  If you want to scent your soap, you will also need 60 mls of essential oils which you may purchase at wholesale price from Aurora Farm or visit Hollow Reed Holistic on Corydon Ave for a complete line of essential oils.

Sunday Afternoon Community Knitting and Crocheting 
January 6, 13, 20, 27 from  1-4pm  FREE
Please join us every Sunday afternoon in January to share tips and techniques for kitting and crocheting or whatever fibre project you would like to bring. Knitting circles are great also great opportunities to visit and chat!  

Knit Your Own Mittens
Sundays, January 13, 20 and 27 from 11am-1pm Cost: $45 
Note:  This class is for beginners with a bit of knitting experience or folks who haven’t knitted for a while and need a refresher. Must know basic knit and purl stitches.  
We will all follow the same basic pattern and knit a pair of simple mitts together.  Over the three weeks of classes, you should be able to knit one mitt and be able to knit the second one on your own.  Or stay for our free Sunday afternoon sessions and get some extra knitting done! Materials list will be provided on registration.  You will be required to purchase your materials before the class starts.  We will have our Aurora Alpaca wool to purchase.  

Crochet Your Own Hat
Sundays, February 3 and 10 Cost: $35 
Note:  No experience whatsoever necessary to take this class.  
Pick from a couple of different patterns and make a hat for yourself or loved one.  Over the two weeks you should be able to complete this hat.  Especially if you can stay for our free Sunday afternoon sessions and get some extra crocheting done! Materials list will be provided on registration.  You will be required to purchase your materials before the class starts.  We will have our Aurora Alpaca wool to purchase.

Make your own Cheese and Crackers
Friday January 18th, 7-9:30pm Cost $50 includes materials 
Learn how to make chèvre, ricotta and feta cheeses and design your own crackers to serve with them!  These are the easy and essential first cheeses that anyone can make at home.  Home-made crackers are delicious, nutritious, easy to make and so much more economical than store-bought.  This class is especially fun with a group of friends! 

Sewing Basics with Judy Williams
Saturday, January 19th  from 10am-2pm  Cost $40 includes materials
Please bring your own lunch or snack   
In this workshop, Judy Williams will demystify the process of sewing, get participants making a small project and planning more!   The workshop covers basic anatomy of a sewing machine, threading, bobbin, straight sewing, seam allowance, hand sewing method of the blind stitch, running stitch and how to read a pattern.  Each participant can make a throw cushion, herbal pillow, pin cushion or pot holder.  
To bring:  If available, your own sewing basket with tape measure, pins, scissors, seam ripper, needles and thread.  You can bring your own machine or one will be provided for you.  Please feel free to bring any patterns that you would like to discuss.  Fabric will be provided but you can bring your own if you like. 

Make Your Own Natural Make-up
Thursday January 24 , 6:30-9:00pm Cost:  $50 plus $20 materials cost
Using a pallet of natural minerals, clays and flowers, we will create and test eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation and powders.  Leave with your own final products tweaked to your skin tone and preference.  We will start the evening off with Aurora Farm’s Goat-Milk facial, Rose Toner and Rose Night Cream.

Spirits in the Land Paint Night 
Friday, January 25th,  7-10pm $75 include all material costs
Includes light refreshments 
Join us for an evening of fun and creativity! Choose from some simple variations of this painting by Aurora Farm’s Louise May that reflects our deeply spiritual love of the land and skies that we inhabit here in the prairies. We will help you all the way and provide you with the colour palette that lets you customize your painting to fit perfectly with your home environment. What makes this paint night extra special is that you will also learn the natural paint method of egg tempera using all natural minerals, clays, pigments and even plants. Eggs provided by Aurora Farm chickens, of course! All materials will be supplied including a canvas that you will take home.

Dyeing the Natural Way with LeVerne Tucker
Saturday, January 26th from 10am-3pm Cost $90 includes all materials 
Explore the vibrant world of natural plant dyes with Charter herbalist/textile artist LeVerne Tucker.  Learn the basics to safely gather plant material and dye your own fibres and textiles at home.  Bring 2m of washed white cotton or linen with no synthetic content, 100% natural light-coloured yarn, scissors, notepad and pen/pencil.  Alpaca yarn and raw fleece can be purchased to dye.  

Make Your Own Natural Care Products
Thursday January 31, 7:00-9:00pm Cost:  $45 plus $20 materials cost 
Learn how to make your own economical natural products and take home a moisturizer, lip balm, deodorant and toothpaste plus the recipes and know-how to continue making them for yourself and your family at home.  

Advanced Soap Making Techniques 
Friday February 1, 6-8pm 
Saturday February 2,  3-5pm
Sunday, February 3,  3-5pm
Cost: $95 plus material costs for bars that you take home – all soaps made will be shared equally by participants and material cost will be by weight at $2/100gr.  
NOTE: This workshop is all three days.
Pre-requisite:  You must have taken the Basic Soap-making workshop or have made soap on your own.  We will be covering advanced concepts of liquid soap, melt-and-pour soaps, inlays and other decorative possibilities, infused medicinal soaps and glycerine soap.   

Make Your Own Home Clay Paint
Saturday February 9th, 10-3pm Cost: $40 
Please bring a lunch/snacks 
Learn how to make your own natural pigmented clay house paint.  Milk-based washes will also be covered.  We will make a number of different colours and practice different finishes.  We will paint some walls of the old farmhouse and you’ll walk away with colour and texture swatches as well as recipes to paint your own walls.  

Make Your Own Soup and Bread 
Sunday February 10, 10am to 1pm Cost: $30
Winter is a great time to dust off your crock-pot (or pick up a second-hand one) and make easy and economical soups that the whole family will love.  We will make a cream-based, a lentil-rice and bean-corn for full-protein goodness.  And what goes better with soup but a freshly made loaf of bread!  Bread is easy to make, delicious and you don’t need an expensive bread-making machine.  We’ll make a number of different types of bread and finish off the workshop with an excellent lunch!  

Please email info@aurorafarm.ca or call 204-261-6279 to register.