Fall 2019 Workshop Dates 

Time to learn a whole bunch of new skills or just perfect some rusty ones! We guarantee you’ll find equivalent cost savings by making your own things, better your health, meet some new and fantastic people and have a fun time out!

New! Multiple workshop pricing.

Take one workshop $50
Take three workshops for $40 each = $120
Take five (or more) workshops for $30 each = $150+
PLEASE NOTE: Some workshops have material costs. Workshops cannot be shared between multiple people for the discount.

COUPON CODE FOR THE DISCOUNT: Use the code: 3workshops, or 4workshops, or 8workshops, etc. depending on how many workshops you’re taking.


Soap-making Workshops – Held at our St. Norbert Arts Centre basement studio
Wednesday, September 11th, 7-10pm
Wednesday, September 25th, 7-10pm
Saturday, October 12, 1-4pm
Wednesday, October 16th – 7pm to 10pm
Saturday, November 2nd – 1-4pm
Wednesday, November 6th – 7-10pm

Learn how to make cold-processed goat-milk soap from scratch. Make your own designer batch of 24 soaps and take it home at production costs.

PLEASE NOTE: Cutting and picking up of the soap will be the following day or we can cut it for you for later pick-up.  Soap requires 30 days minimum to cure.  These will be all the workshops until January so if you are looking to make some holiday gifts, this is your chance!

Material cost per session:  One batch of soap which will cut to approximately 24, 110g bars is $25 base price plus the price of the essential oils.  If you want to scent your soap, you will also need 60 mls of essential oils which you may purchase at wholesale price from Aurora Farm. Or visit Hollow Reed Holistic on Corydon Ave for a complete line of essential oils or bring your own.

Farm Family Experience Day
Saturday September 7th
September 21st
October 12th

NOTE: Workshop base fee of $50 is for a family up to 4 people + $10 each additional person (Babies under 1 are free)
9:30am – 11:30am

A great family experience for all ages. You get to hand-milk a goat, pick some fresh eggs, brush a horse, hand-feed the alpacas and bring your own picnic to stay and visit after!

Natural Body Care Workshop – Held at our St. Norbert Arts Centre basement studio
Thursday, October 17th

Learn how to make your own economical natural products and take home a sample of moisturizer, 2 lip balms, toothpaste and deodorant plus the recipes and know-how to continue making them for yourself and your family at home.
Material cost: $10

Natural Make-up Workshop – Held at our St. Norbert Arts Centre basement studio
Thursday, October 24th

Using a pallet of natural minerals, clays and flowers, we will create and test eyeshadow, lipstick, creams and powders. Leave with your own final products tweaked to your preference. We will start the evening off with Aurora Farm’s Goat-Milk facial, Rose Toner and Rose Night Cream.
Material cost: $20
Plus you will receive a 20% discount on the purchase other make-up or our Aurora Farm facial products.

Advanced Soap-making Workshop
Friday, October 25th, 7-9pm
Saturday, October 26, 1pm – 4pm
Sunday, October 27th, 1-2pm
Please note: This is a three-day class for one price!

Learn how to take the next step in making your soaps aesthetically personalized using techniques of melt-and-pour, inserts, layers, light trace spin swirls, textures and using a larger range of natural colours. We will be designing and creating many batches together! Take home samples of our weekend work for $2/100gr.

Cheese and Crackers
Thursday, September 19th
7pm to 9:30pm

This is a party workshop! And a workshop that you can share at your next party! Learn how to make chèvre, ricotta and feta cheeses and design your own crackers to serve with them!  These are the easy and essential first cheeses that anyone can make at home.  Home-made crackers are delicious, nutritious, easy to make and so much more economical than store-bought. This class is especially fun with a group of friends! 

Advanced Cheese Workshops
Saturday afternoons 1pm – 4pm
September 7th
September 21st
October 5th
October 19th

This is a series of four workshops that will discuss various traditional practices of cheesemaking using our own preparations of natural cultures. We will look at soft and aged cheeses including feta, chèvre, mozzarella, cheddar and blue cheese. Topping it off with a favourite dessert sauce: dulce de leche. Each week we will review the past week’s topics and follow along the process of our aging cheeses. You will be able to make a simple cheese cave for aging your own cheeses in your fridge. We will work with both goat and cow’s milk. You can register for one or all classes. We will be touching on all of the cheeses and more each week.

Tractors for Feminists!
Day One – Saturday, August 31st, 10am-2pm
Day Two – Individually scheduled one-on-one throughout September and October. This can be between one and four hours of tractor operation depending on availability and interest.

Recognizing that the gender gap in farming is still significant, and that machinery is often a barrier when starting out, this workshop is for all people who recognize this and are willing to share a safe learning experience for all. Day one will be theoretical including introduction to the basic parts of a tractor, safety issues, basic maintenance, basic operation with 3-point hitches and PTO (power take off) implements. Day two will be a scheduled one-on-one session with Louise May to operate the Aurora Farm tractor and take on a basic farm task – turning a compost windrow, disking a field, moving bales in the field, etc.

Extracting Honey
Thursday, September 12th

Come for a close-up and personal view of the bee hives as we extract honey. We’ll take the frames out and bring them into the shop to extract them by hand. You’ll get a chance to chew on some honeycomb and have a 10% discount on whatever honey you order that day! We will provide the protective suits so that you can see the bees up close!

Canning – Part One Jams, Jellies and Chutneys with Honey
Sunday, September 8
We’ve done a lot of berry picking over the summer months. We froze them at the time and September is the time to turn them into jams, jellies and chutneys for the winter months. We use honey from our beehives to make them sweet but more nutritious and less processed then with white sugar. If you’d like to take some home, we will sell them to you at a 20% discount!

Canning – Part Two Pickles and Ferments
Sunday, September 22

Come for a tour of Aurora Farm’s fermentation station for our vegetables based on whey, salt and apple cider vinegar. Then learn how to make your own. We will start with sauerkraut, the most common fermented veggie, pickles and other veggies. Fermented veggies are probiotic rich, improve digestion and boost immunity for the winter. They are simple to make to and can be stored in a cool dark place or in your fridge to make your summer garden veggies last through the winter.

Plant-based Protein
September 26th

The message is clear: Eat more plant-based protein and less red meat! For our health and for our planet. But you may be asking yourself how? This workshop will take you through the basics of augmenting the protein base in all your food. We will look at the age-old concept of complementary proteins found in traditional cultures the world over. Plant-based protein needn’t be expensive, over-processed or highly packaged. We will make a few different bases and develop a strategy for each participant to reduce your dependance on meat and/or expensive health foods. We’ll do some taste-testing and walk away with some recipes energized to make this important progressive step for yourself, family and friends!

Bread Making Basics
Thursday, October 3rd

This is a hands-on class learning all the basics concepts of making bread. This is not about following a recipe, it’s about understanding each step so that you can make bread quickly, like a pro. We will look at ways to make bread protein rich, and multi-grain exploring many different base ingredients. Making by hand is a meditation, bringing us closer to our food supply and to look at bread as a core nutritional base for health.

Fancy Breads
Sunday, October 6th
Just in time for Thanksgiving – make some stunning breads and buns the easy way. We’ll have plenty of dough prepared so that we can focus this class on how to sculpt bread and buns into works of art. We will have time to make and bake our works of bread art!

Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving!
Thursday, October 12th 1-4pm
How to create a stunning centrepiece and delicious vegetarian main course that even meat-eaters will appreciate! And perhaps avoid a turkey this year. The vegetarians and vegans in your life will be so thankful. We will make 3 options, two vegetarian and one vegan.

Sunday Morning Breakfasts
Sunday, October 27th

Let us help you get inspired to really make breakfast the best meal of your day! We will start with Louise’s famous Breakfast Cookies that are packed with protein and nutrients that you can make once a week and last you the whole week through busy mornings. We will look at some egg-citing breakfast using our own fresh eggs, a kefir-soaked muesli, top it all off with a demystification of the Hollandaise to make every savoury dish special. Recipes included. Of course, we will enjoy the results of our workshop!

Home Herbal Remedies
Saturday, September 14th, 10am-2pm, Full moon
Sunday, October 13th, 10am-2pm Full moon

First we will go on a harvesting tour the Aurora Farm eco-system with dozens of medicinal herbs found here. Then we will prepare some basic home health products including a herbal bundle, an infusion, a herbal foot soak, a steam, a poultice, an infused oil salve and a tincture. Of course our favourite edible is our shortbreads with lavender, rose and chamomile with tea! You will be able to purchase some base materials to continue making your own at home. You will take home your herbal bundle for further inspiration.