Youth-of-All-Ages Stocking Stuffer


Because who doesn’t love Slime, Soap carving, Farm animal buttons, Postcards and old farm-y magazines to use for all kinds of art projects.
Kitty Kat Slime is the creation of Evan Warkentin who started up his business as a Grade 8 student.  He’s got slimes in all sorts of colours and styles.
A big block of our Goat-Milk Soap cast with extra moisture to make it easy to carve.  You can carve it into anything you want!  And the little whittlings bits that come off the block can be soaked in boiling water to make a nice gel soap.
A random collection of old farm and art magazines that you can enjoy to read or cut up for some big collage poster you’ve been meaning to make.
Our complete set of 24 farm photo postcards because, well… when was the last time you got a postcard?  Didn’t you just love it??  The original social media!
A couple of farm animal buttons to wear in your next zoom game night sessions.
And our favourite little stocking stuffer – a candy cane soap and lip balm set.

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