Protected: Soaps of the Month Subscription


We’re excited to present our 2022 Soap of the Month Subscription Boxes! This year, we’re offering our artisanal goat milk soaps inspired by the seasons. As we continue to stay safe and wash our hands often, we want to make sure you always have our cleansing and moisturizing soaps on hand.
For 3 months, you will receive 2 bars of artisanal goat milk soaps (scented or unscented) each month for a total of 6 bars together with an Aurora Farm gift in your subscription boxes. You may also choose to order all 4 seasons and get a discount!
The first batch of soaps will be sent out in spring.
PLEASE NOTE: Shipping is included in the cost.
Soaps of the Month

All 4 Seasons – scented, All 4 Seasons – unscented, Fall – scented, Fall – unscented, Spring – scented, Spring – unscented, Summer – scented, Summer – unscented, Winter – scented, Winter – unscented

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