Rose-Powered Facial Care Kit

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Give yourself or someone you love a bouquet of Aurora Farm roses!  Our natural care kit for your face will leave you smiling!  What a tough winter we have had! And we feel the brutal cold and winds so much in our face.  Really in our face!  We offer you a soothing assortment products designed to work together to leave your face feeling great and beautiful, the way nature intended.  

Chamomile Calendula Face Wash – Start off your face care with this goat-milk gel soap with a base of soothing, healing medicinal herbal tea of Chamomile and Calendula, grown in our own beloved gardens.  Our soaps are naturally moisturizing, nourishing, revitalizing.  

Goat Milk Facial – We absolutely love our new and improved Goat-Milk Facial.  We start with fresh goat milk and dehydrate it ourselves along with our own unpasteurized honey fresh from our bees.   We use only the best ingredients in all our products like organic oatmeal, our own wildcrafted Rosehips, Organic Ground Almonds, Australian Pink Clay, Vitamin E, Essential Oils.

Rose Toner – Think of our Rose Toner as a herbal tea for your face.  Made with our best garden herbs infused in witch hazel and apple cider vinegar to detox, soothe and close your pores.  

Rose Night Cream – A lovely end of day, every day, treat for your face.  This cream is deep-penetrating and long-lasting with the aromatherapy benefits of real rose, a beautiful relaxation at bedtime.  And so simple!  Made with Beeswax, Sunflower Oil, Rose Absolute in Rosewood Organic Essential Oil.

SPECIAL Rose Geranium Shampoo Bar – our newest addition for you to try out.  We love that Shampoo Bars are gaining popularity.  Of course, we’ve loved our own bars of goat milk soap for hair washing for over a decade.  So we’d love you to try out our favourite with Rose Geranium essential oil and Australian Pink Clay.  Leaves your hair moisturized, nourished and shiny.  No need for conditioner because the goat milk does it all!  And best of all, no plastic involved in the packaging.  

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  1. Dominique Arbez

    Where do I pay for the kit? Can I call for more information?

  2. Kimberley

    Hi there ,

    If delivery is not free to Ile desChenes I can pick up just let me know I would love to come see the farm I just never know when you’re open.

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