Plant-based Protein


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September 26th

The message is clear: Eat more plant-based protein and less red meat! For our health and for our planet. But you may be asking yourself how? This workshop will take you through the basics of augmenting the protein base in all your food. We will look at the age-old concept of complementary proteins found in traditional cultures the world over. Plant-based protein needn’t be expensive, over-processed or highly packaged. We will make a few different bases and develop a strategy for each participant to reduce your dependance on meat and/or expensive health foods. We’ll do some taste-testing and walk away with some recipes energized to make this important progressive step for yourself, family and friends!

NEW: Multiple Workshop Pricing
If you’re taking 3 – 4 workshops, they will be $40 each.
If you’re taking 5+ workshops, they will be $30 each.

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