Autumnal Harvest Full Moon Celebration

The Full Moon Farm Camp is for people who want to share all the positives of the full moon energy empowerment and learn some great skills. Over four seasons, we will share ideas and inspirations, learn new skills and old, create meaningful connections with each other and nature. Join Louise May and guest instructors for this four season journey to the moon and back.

Join Louise May for teachings and actions at our Autumnal Harvest Full Moon Celebration September 29th and 30th. Book your limited spot to explore all the goodness of fall and in preparation for winter.

Evening Celebration: Friday Sept 29th: 6 – 10pm

Day-long Hands-on Workshop:  Saturday Sept 30th: 10am – 4pm

Register for one or both days!

Friday Menu:

Land Dedication and harvesting of Tobacco

Harvesting walk with Louise through the gardens

Creative Time!  We will each make a Harvest Moon Lantern to take home decorated with all our favourite leaves, flowers and plant medicine, complete with a beeswax candle to ready ourselves for the darkness of winter.

7:11 Sunset
7:27 pm Full Moon Rising

Louise will run through the basics a winter pantry.  Yes, there’s still time to stock up on local produce to reduce your carbon footprint!

Digging into our roots! Now’s the time to harvest the roots of medicinal plants.  Louise will introduce various roots and demonstrate how to prepare a tincture.
Harp Meditation with Mary Robinson and text by Louise May

Autumnal Harvest Full Moon Spell – As we work on our balance in everyday life let’s take stock and gives thanks for the bounty of the land and the good things in our lives.

Breaking and sharing a loaf of bread.

Saturday Menu

Reconciliation Actions at Aurora Farm

Special Guest Debbie Cielen, Good Talking Turtle, who will share the teachings of the four main Indigenous medicine plants: tobacco, sage, cedar and sweetgrass.  We will harvest and prepare these medicines for you to take home.

Meet the Lac La Croix or Ojibway Ponies! Hear the stories of these special rare horses as we brush their manes and tails and braid them with the orange Calendula flowers.  Please wear your Orange Shirts for your own photo-op with these precious horses.

Choose as many as you wish from the following learning stations:

How-to Store Your Harvest: Louise will demonstrate blanching, canning, drying, freezing and root storing.  There is still time to make a big local stock up on the October long weekend so get yourself ready to take that on.

Inspired by the Forest! Using materials from the Boreal Forest, we will make incense cones and a steam that will help keep you connected to the forest throughout the winter.

Goat Milk Soap – Of Course! We will use our dried herbs and blend some essential oils to create perfect moulded soaps to take home.  Each participant will leave with 6 soaps.  You can make 6 of your own or trade with others.

Our Delicious Honey!  Squeezing honey – a fabulous way to experience honey!  We will make some herbal honeys, mix and match our beautiful herbs to make floral, savoury and forest honeys to take home.

How-to Seed Save: We will have ample seeds for you to take home in preparation for spring planting.  Louise will demonstrate how to save various styles of seeds.

Make a Root Tincture!  Make an alcohol, glycerine or apple cider vinegar based tincture from some of the most popular roots including: burdock, dandelion, lovage, marshmallow.  We will have these roots ready for your to make up a tincture to take home.

Moving Some Plants Indoors!  We have been digging up our Lavender, Ashwaganda, Rose Geranium, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Sage.  We will pot some of these plants up for you to take home.  We will also cover propagation by cuttings as a way to continue gardening indoors through the winter months.

Blend Your own Tea!  We will have a tea blending station where you can make your own combination of herbs to enjoy all winter long.

Price of workshop includes all materials.

Farm teas, refreshments all from the gardens will be available throughout the celebration. Please let us know if you have any food requirements.

Louise May is a self-taught and academic life-long learner working towards a shared vision of life in harmony with nature’s abundance and brutality.  She has been farming passionately at Aurora Farm since 2004.  She is active in many circles working towards a more just and caring society.

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