Full Moon Farm Camp


The Full Moon Farm Camp is for people who want to share all the positives of the full moon energy empowerment and learn some great skills. Over four seasons, we will share ideas and inspirations, learn new skills and old, create meaningful connections with each other and nature. Join Louise May and guest instructors for this four season journey to the moon and back.
Each camp will be held in two sessions. On the evening of the full moon, we will gather around a fire (outside or in) and share farm food, stories, laughter, and small rituals to cleanse the spirit and prepare for the new moon. The second session will be held on a Saturday close to the full moon and will be focussed on building skills and sharing resources. Our Saturday workshops will include plant and animal work, personal expression in writing or visual, movement, and meditation. Each Full Moon will be based on its own theme and the workshops will be geared toward useful and meaningful skills that connect with the theme and useful for that season.
Spring Awakening
April 6th – 6pm to 10pm
April 8th – 10am to 4pm
We will look at your gardens large and small and help you make the most of them. We will share our heritage seeds and bedding plants to amplify your gardens. We will plant some seeds and transplant our bedding plants for you to take home especially to help your gardens support butterfly, beneficial bugs, and bees. We will do a garden walk to see which plants are waking up For our lunch, we will make some campfire pancakes and enjoy a salad of sprouts and early greens. We will see how the Maple Tree sap is running and possibly have some of our own to try out. In the afternoon, we will play our favourite guessing game – “Which goats are pregnant?” We will review our rainwater collections system and see if we can help you with yours. We will collect the eggs from the chicken coop and spend the rest of the afternoon making our own egg tempera paint and painting our vision of “Spring Awakening”.
Summer Blossoming
Aug 26th day & 30th pm – itinerary to be announced closer to the dates
Fall Harvesting
Sept 29th pm & 30th day – itinerary to be announced closer to the dates
Winter Hibernating
Jan 26th pm & 27th day – itinerary to be announced closer to the dates
Interested in attending all 4 seasons? We have a special reduced price if you purchase the full year!