Goat School Fall Refresher Workshop


Date: Saturday, October 7th, 9am to 3pm

This one-day workshop is designed as a refresher for people who have taken our Three-Day Goat School and now have new questions arising. It can also be for people who simply want a shorter hands-on pep talk to further consider adding a dairy goat herd to their personal food security plan.

We will cover all the basic care for goats as a review allowing plenty of time for specific questions related to your own goats or plans for goats. We will start the morning by milking goats. We will talk briefly about how to process milk and make kefir and overview of our basic cheeses Рch̬vre, ricotta, paneer, feta. If you need a new kefir culture, we will make one up for you to take home.

We will review feeding, shelter, fencing, winter needs, and review the first aid kit. We will go over our breeding plans and demonstrate a hand breeding, if we have a doe willing at the time that is! If not, we will talk about the options for breeding and make sure you have a plan for your own herd. We will demo hoof trimming, drenching, temperature taking, and administering needles.

Finally, we will introduce you to our goats that are currently up for sale that you might want to consider adding to your herd. You will get the first choice and a reduced price for groupings. Let us know in advance if you are thinking about increasing your herd.

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