Chocolate and Coffee Lovers’ Gift Box


Chocolate and Coffee Love Gift Box
Because who doesn’t love these two classic energizers together –  just what the body and soul need to get us through our shortest days and darkest times.  Ahhh… these glorious gifts of nature that humans have used medicinally for eons.  And we can always count on nature to provide for us. In return, our duty of care towards our natural environment makes us grateful inhabitants of planet earth – treading lightly and rejoicing at each breath.
Box contains:

– Master potter Karen Taylor spins these gorgeous espresso cups at her home studio wheel.  Check her out if you need other pottery goods and when this pandemic is over, be sure to take her up on her home studio workshops.  Throwing clay on a wheel is especially mesmerizing.

– Negash Coffee from the highest high of coffee-making in the world – Ethiopia – brings you YirgaCheffe, widely considered the best coffee on the planet and the birthplace of coffee.

– Chocolatier Constance Popp – chocolate covered coffee beans here in our gift box.  But so much more to choose from at her St. Boniface store, still open because… chocolate is essential!

– Waverley Woods is Judy Williams – our neighbour and dear friend who has contributed this one-size-fits all coffee insulator.  Just fold it down to fit your travel mug.

– Endangered Species Chocolate bar – an awesomely ethical company dedicated to wildlife and habitat around the planet.

– From our own stock – Chocolate Goat Milk Soap and Xtreme Xfoliant that is the grittiest soap around with, you guessed it, ground coffee, cocoa and a hint of cinnamon!  Chocolate and Honey Lip Balm complete this gift box.

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