Alpaca Yoga


The Alpacas enjoyed Yoga so much this summer that we’d like to keep the sessions going! The Baby Goats (now teenagers) are too big  at this age (it hurts when they climb on you), so they won’t be present.

During the class, our gentle herd of alpaca ladies love to wander around, watch intensely, and lay beside you while you do Yoga. While they won’t climb on you or run around as much, they may investigate you by smelling your head, or creeping beside you for a shoulder scratch (if you’re lucky!) Alpaca Yoga is great if you’re interested in trying some sort of Critter Yoga, but you’d still like the relaxation and calm environment of a more traditional yoga class.

Important Notes:

  • Please bring your own Yoga Mat or Beach Towel/Blanket that you don’t mind getting sandy.
  • Wear layers – the days are cooling off, Fall is here! Yoga takes place in our mostly sheltered arena but it may be windy or cool.
  • Children are welcome, but we ask that they stay near their mat/your group during the class so as not to disturb the other attendees.

Our Alpaca Yoga Teacher:

Holly Pluchinski is a 400 hour registered yoga teacher and has been practicing a variety of yoga styles since 2006. She believes that yoga can be both a tool for introspective growth and also fun which is why oftentimes there’s a lot of laughter in her classes. Holly also believes in the therapeutic and emotional value of incorporating animals into yoga practice. Check her out on Facebook or Instagram under Kayfabe Yoga!

Alpaca Yoga

Saturday Oct 10, 12pm, Saturday Oct 3, 12pm, Saturday Sept 19, 12pm, Saturday Sept 26, 12pm, Sunday Oct 11, 12pm, Sunday Oct 4, 12pm, Sunday Sept 20, 12pm, Sunday Sept 27, 12pm

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