Advanced Cheese Workshops


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No prior cheesemaking knowledge required!
These are 4 standalone classes, separate from the Cheese & Crackers workshops. Each week will have a theme (but all sorts of cheeses will be discussed every week!)

Week 1: Mozza (and all the variants!)
Week 2: Feta
Week 3: Chevre (and camembert, etc)
Week 4: Aged Cheeses

This is a series of four workshops that will discuss various traditional practices of cheesemaking using our own preparations of natural cultures. We will look at soft and aged cheeses including feta, chèvre, mozzarella, cheddar and blue cheese. Topping it off with a favourite dessert sauce: dulce de leche. Each week we will review the past week’s topics and follow along the process of our aging cheeses. You will be able to make a simple cheese cave for aging your own cheeses in your fridge. We will work with both goat and cow’s milk. You can register for one or all classes. We will be touching on all of the cheeses and more each week.

NEW: Multiple Workshop Pricing
If you’re taking 3 – 4 workshops, they will be $40 each.
If you’re taking 5+ workshops, they will be $30 each.

USE CODE 3workshops (or 5workshops, or 9workshops, however many you are taking!) at checkout for the discount.

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October 19, 1-4pm, October 5, 1-4pm, September 21, 1-4pm, September 7, 1-4pm


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