SOLD OUT – 2018 Garden Food Box

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SOLD OUT – 2018 Garden Food Box


Garden Food Box

Out of stock



2018 Food Boxes Sold Out.  


Thanks for your interest!  Aurora Farm’s weekly food box for summer 2018 is fully subscribed. A ten-week program featuring your choice of fresh produce, fruits and berries, home baking, fresh ground organic grains, pickles and jams, medicinal herbs and of course, our regular line of natural products.

Here’s how it works… You are investing in our farm and the pay-off dividends are in wholesome food guaranteed to be grown to organic standards.  You pay $400 up front to support our summer staff and costs to put the garden in.  Then you get 10 weeks plus a bonus end of season week to order and get what you want from our list of offerings. 


You will get an email from us every Tuesday starting mid-July with a price list.  You order exactly what you want and we deduct your total from your original $400 investment.  No worry about getting 10 lbs of spinach when your family only needs 1lb.  As our crops start coming in through the big harvest season, our prices drop and we offer you bonus items in keeping with the success of the garden.  

Don’t forget our food box also includes honey at the end of the season, eggs as available, canning and baking.  We limit our families to 10 so that we can always have enough for all of you and our Aurora Farm family too. 






This year we are offering special events in keeping with our commitment of planting by the moon cycles.  We will be inviting you for all of our summer full moon daytime medicinal herb picking.  We’ll be having a May kick-off to tour the gardens and pick up some early harvest and maybe a few bedding plants of your own.  Our first week of harvesting will be July 15 and we’ll run until September 16th.  Then, depending on the frosts, we’ll have one more date in late September or early October to collect the last of the harvest.





Keep these dates in your calendar!

Summer Full Moons:

May 29, June 27, July 26, August 26, September 24