Heritage Chickens

Aurora Farm promotes small-scale family or community-led egg production with all the fantastic heritage breeds still available to us.  We can help you get set up with your own backyard chickens while we wait for city officials to catch up with the progressive wave of urban food justice and security.

A flock of heritage-breed hens give the family eggs and some to spare for sale. We like to help people get started with their own backyard flock. Each year we order heritage breeds of chicks, or save fertilized eggs and hatch them up to increase our own flock and to sell. If you are handy, we can give you some advice on setting up your own poultry house.

Saturday, June 8th – Backyard Chicken Workshop 2pm – 4pm

$20 per person – Come and learn all the basics and troubleshooting on how to raise your own backyard chickens! Afterwards, we have three heritage breeds of chicks for sale – Ameraucanas, Red Stars and Barred Rocks.