Everything Aurora Farm Free Stay-at-Home Workshop Series

FREE! All are welcome to attend this free 10-week workshop series at Aurora Farm every Saturday afternoon at 2pm from February 6th to April 10th.

Join us live on Zoom with lots of  hands-on opportunities for people to try things out at home.  You can watch and learn or gather up some basic supplies and try things out yourself. Some materials and ingredient kits you will be able to purchase from us.  Schedule for this week is posted below!

Meet our animals up close, learn all kinds of family-farming skills, enjoys stories and laughter, lift up your spirits! This workshop series is all about taking a few more steps away from consumerism and learning the simple joy of making things with your own hands, connecting with nature and making the most of this special time. 

Week 4 schedule (Feb 27):

Tender Loving Care with Garden Medicinal Herbs 

This week is all about those wonderful plants that give us every manner of healthy support in our lives.  We will look at some herbs we can grow in our gardens this summer.  We’ll talk about wildcrafting – be prepared for some rules!  Wildcrafting is one skill that requires strict rules.  And we’ll make up some potions that will help boost our immune systems, relax our nervous systems, and ignite our passion for wellness.  We’ll make some elderberry syrup, some turmeric apple cider, some honey-infused garlic and some cough drops.  We will make our Aurora Farm famous Healing Salve.  We’ll enjoy a smudge, a foot soak and a facial steam. 

If you want to participate in these activities, please have on hand:

Any aromatic herb or incense for a smudge 

Any herbal teas you may have on hand for the facial steam (Boreal Forest Blend)

Any essential oils you already have and epsom salts for the footbath

Garlic and unpasteurised honey

Turmeric, apple cider vinegar, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, etc 


Even if you don’t have these ingredients, this workshop will help you get together a list that will allow you to build these healing activities into your lives.  

Be well and look forward to sharing with you.  

To join the workshop on Zoom, please click here or the button below.  Or watch us on Social Media after the live broadcast.