COVID-19 Updates

Hello dear friends and families of Aurora Farm,

If you are here, it’s because you have supported us at one time or another over the 16 years we have been creating our unique project of Aurora Farm. And for that we thank you. And at this time we are asking for your support again. We are all faced with the concern, stress and real pragmatic transformations of our times. And yet again so many profound realizations and vows renewed.

A global pandemic is not news to all those of us who have been closely watching the evolving science around the brutal environmental degradation of our historical times. I remember being at a lecture in the early 90’s, with a new baby in my arms, hearing a scientist talk about the predictions that would come from what was then termed “Peak Oil”. Devastating extinction rates, melting polar ice, droughts, floods, unprecedented weather patterns, mass migration, social unrest, widening wealth gap and distribution and of course, global pandemic. I remember thinking, how will we possibly cope? I remember being especially fearful of the global pandemic prognosis. Indeed, it was these thoughts that finally led me to change the course of my own life to create Aurora Farm.

But now that we are here, I feel more hopeful than ever. More hopeful that we can move forward the agendas that are so necessary to transform our world. And that we can build on all of the incredible work from the sustainable communities, the equality movements and most of all the passionate work of noble scientists the world over. For my part, I continue to seek even better ways to increase my reach and ability to help others.

In the immediate future of Aurora Farm though, as with all local small businesses, I echo the resounding marketing message to BUY LOCAL! We are without many of our usual ways to deliver to our customers our beloved products. We are all struggling with technology to get our online stores functioning properly. We are relying on this message to really come to life in the coming weeks as we all see our biggest sales time of year shrinking before our very eyes.

With all this and more, we give to you our best ever online local food and artisan goods. Not just our own, but the best of our friends’ goods. Each week we will be posting Artisan Gift Boxes and Love Local Food Boxes. These can be simply for your family needs or can be easily distributed, mixed and matched, for all kinds of gift giving throughout the year. This way, we can use our platform to help our other local producers reach our audiences, just as we have done with our Yuletide and Springtide sales.

We will wish you and yours all the best health and wellness though these times and offer you the hope that, just as we have managed to create Aurora Farm, we know that humanity can and is co-creating a sustainable future.

Peace to all,