Community Garden Plots

Reserve your Community Garden Plot at Aurora Farm
Supporting Family-centered Food Security

Do you have some experience gardening?
Is your home garden or community gardening plot too small?
Do you want to be growing big rows of potatoes, squash, corn, beans, onions, carrots, beets, cucumbers and dill for pickles?
Do you practice organic methods of gardening already?

If you have answered yes to these questions,
Aurora Farm has a new offering just for you!

Rent a plot:

25′ x 50′ for $40
50′ x 50′ for $60
50′ x 75′ for $80

Fill out our Application Form Here!

Louise welcomes you to garden with her
One of the driving factors for Louise when she purchased Aurora Farm almost 16 years ago was to be able to grow her own food. Now, the gardens at Aurora Farm have fed many people over the years but continue to be gardened like a large family garden.

Join the movement of ecological farming
This is an opportunity to farm for your family to greatly expand your food security, your connection to food and the land, to work outdoors and connect with the weather patterns. We will provide support on tricks and techniques like companion planting, compost tea, mulching, etc.

Any questions? Send us an email: or call us at 204-261-6279.