Dairy Goats

Aurora Farm is home to a smart herd of dairy goats. We currently have a happy herd of 24 goats.

Louise was interested in getting dairy goats for the purpose of having milk on hand to make food for her and her family, like cheeses, butter, yogurt, and ice cream. From there, our luxurious goat milk soap was made.

Then our Three-Day Goat School was created to give families the confidence to set up their own small dairies to become more self-sufficient. We are proud to have worked with several food security groups in Northern Manitoba to get goats up north and in remote communities.

As Aurora Farm is always evolving, Baby Goat Yoga classes began in spring 2017 to bring the joy of baby goats to people in a playful way.

Aurora Farm General Store

Our general store is a one-stop shop for kitchen staples and artisanal items, all made and/or grown right here in Manitoba. Many products are from Aurora Farm (like natural body care, produce, yarns, eggs) and from our local friends. You can order online and arrange to pick-up your order or have it delivered.

Our general store is located at Aurora Farm and we have a gift shop just down the road from the farm in the St. Norbert Arts Centre. (Opening hours TBD due to Covid-19)

The animals on our farm are not available for meat. As a vegetarian farm, we do not slaughter our animals. All animals at Aurora Farm are raised with the utmost respect and care. We often rescue animals so that they may live out their days comfortably.

Alpacas and Yarn

Louise loves to knit, crochet, weave, and felt so bringing a herd of alpacas to Aurora Farm was the next step. We shear our alpacas once a year and make yarns without altering the natural colours of our animals. Alpaca yarns are hypoallergenic, durable, and known for their warmth and softness. Try one of our alpaca felted soap bars for a great shower experience!

Our alpacas also love to join in our Baby Goat Yoga classes to bring a calm energy to our rambunctious baby goats.

Horses and Riding

Louise and her daughter Zona have been riding horses for many years. We currently have 10 horses on our farm, as well as a miniature donkey. Our horse coaches teach a small number of lessons, and every summer we run our Summer Farm Camps where young riders learn how to take care of a farm and master their riding techniques.

We are thrilled to be part of the international effort to save the rare Lac La Croix Ojibway Horses. We are stewards to three beautiful Lac La Croix Ojibway Horses. We were able to rescue these sisters from an auction where they likely would have been sold for meat.

Eggs and Heritage Hens

Bringing heritage chickens to Aurora Farm was a natural fit with our goal of food security. We promote community-led egg production with all the fantastic heritage breeds available to us. We are waiting for the City of Winnipeg officials to catch up with the progressive wave of urban food justice and security. When that day comes, we will help families set up their own backyard chickens through our workshops.

Each year, we order heritage chickens and save fertilized eggs to hatch in order to increase our own flock and to sell. We’ll update our website and social media when we have chicks available.

Gardens and Products

We grow our own food gardens and often have extras like garlic, potatoes, and squash for sale in the fall and winter. We are working towards organic certification, but until then we are committed to being spray-free and using natural gardening techniques for pest control. We implement mulch and rain barrels to help our gardens during dry seasons. We make and use compost to keep the soil in our garden beds rich while also adding manure from our animals as a natural fertilizer. We grow medicinal herbs for ourselves and our animals. Nature heals! Our fantastic Healing Salve is made from ten different medicinal herbs that have been naturalized on our farm.

We use a solar dehydrator throughout the hot months to dry herbs for teas and add to our soaps. 

As part of our commitment to food security and knowledge sharing, we have community gardens for folks interested in natural, organic gardening.