Small square hay bales for sale!

Our hayfield has been chemical free for 14 years. We fertilize with our own composted manure. It is a very healthy mixed grasses (timothy, brome, vetch, clover and approximately 20-40% alfalfa.) This year’s cut and baling went very smoothly.  Our bales had not a drop of rain. Now they are stored in a shed with dry floor. Dried on the field in two days. We are very happy with this cut and feed it to our animals. We have 325 bales for sale at this time and can be purchase in smaller quantities. You can even buy one for your guinea pig! Come out on the weekend between 11am and 4pm or by appointment. $5 each. We will load you up. 4265 Waverley Street just south of the Perimeter Highway.  Call 204-261-6279 or 204-799-4076 to place an order.  Or come by while supplies last.