Late winter is an exciting time for planning at Aurora Farm.  We are always especially excited to order our heritage chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery who are celebrating their 100th year anniversary!  Have a look at their website.  For poultry enthusiasts this is a cornucopia of heritage birds and information.

Each year, we at Aurora Farm order our spring chicks of different breeds.  In part to refresh our own flock, but also to be able to sell to others in the community who might just want a few to augment their backyard flock.  This year we have selected Araucanas, Buff Rocks and Black Australorps.  Because they are coming from the states, we have to pick them up at Pembina, North Dakota with all their official papers to get them through the border.  We love McMurray and have been purchasing from them for many years now.  Not only do they have a great variety of birds, but they also offer sexed chicks for most breeds.  Plus they have an ethical program for all of their male chicks who at least have the opportunity to live to maturity.  Some hatcheries simply dispose of the male chicks, a practice we obviously don’t approve of here at Aurora Farm.

We’ll be getting our order in on May 1st so they will be available the following Sunday, May 7th.  That’s also the day of our Backyard Chicken Workshop from 1pm – 4pm.  Check out our workshops and register early if you’d like to join us.