Be a part of the Aurora Farm Family this summer with a weekly food box.  Not like other food boxes, this one is a pre-paid credit to order whatever you want each week.  So if you want extra carrots but no broccoli – no problem.  Plus you are first in line to get our premium limited quantities products like fresh eggs from our heritage chickens, honey and garlic.  Plus we do lots of canning of sweet and savoury foods that you can store through the winter.  Now that our bees are producing more than ever, we make a lot of our sweet jams and jellies with unpasteurized honey, making them a big health boost!  No need to feel guilty about the jam on your toast.  We also love the fall harvest time when we can offer bigger quantities for good savings.  When you pre-purchase a food box from Aurora Farm, you will be supporting our team to also offer a great summer job for students who are keen to learn sustainable farming Aurora Farm-style.  It’s a win-win-win.

Cost:  $400.  This is pre-paid credit.  Each Tuesday from July 11th to September 12th, you will get an email with a list of all of our offerings and their respective prices.  You order what you want and we deduct that amount from your credit.  That simple!  We won’t offer what we don’t have and we won’t give you what you don’t want.

For more information or call 204-261-6279.  Limited spots available in this program so sign up early!