Aurora Farm Summer Chicken Tractor Rental

This summer, we have decided to try out a pilot project of renting out Chicken Tractors to folks in the city who would like to try it out but not have to make a full commitment.  We are offering 3 chickens in movable pens with all the necessary supplies for one monthly rental fee.  We will deliver and pick-up with no questions asked if it doesn’t work out.  If you love it, and your neighbours are compatible, then you can purchase the chickens and equipment.  Nice and easy!

Monthly rental fee: $50/month

Damage Deposit: $50

Delivery and Pick-up: $20 each way (includes set-up tutorial on how to keep your chickens happy and healthy.)

Bag of feed: $10 each. Or can be purchased at Horizon Poultry and Livestock Supply on Marion Street. Please buy Layer Ration.

For more information, please email