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Spring Chicks Are Ordered!

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Late winter is an exciting time for planning at Aurora Farm.  We are always especially excited to order our heritage chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery who are celebrating their 100th year anniversary!  Have a look at their website.  For poultry enthusiasts this is a cornucopia of heritage birds and information. Each year, we at Aurora Farm order our spring chicks of different breeds.  In part to refresh our own flock, but also to be able to sell to others in the community who might just want a few to augment their backyard flock.  This year we have selected Araucanas, Buff Rocks and Black Australorps.  Because they are coming from the states, we have to pick them up at Pembina, North Dakota with all their official papers to get them through the border.  We love McMurray and have been purchasing from them for many years now.  Not only do they have a great variety of birds, but they also offer sexed chicks for most breeds.  Plus they have an ethical program for all of their male chicks who at least have the opportunity to live to maturity.  Some hatcheries simply dispose of the male chicks, a practice we obviously don’t approve of here at Aurora Farm. We’ll be getting our order in on May 1st so they will be available the following Sunday, May 7th.  That’s also the day of our Backyard Chicken Workshop from 1pm – 4pm.  Check out our workshops and register early if you’d like to join...

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Food Box 2017

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Be a part of the Aurora Farm Family this summer with a weekly food box.  Not like other food boxes, this one is a pre-paid credit to order whatever you want each week.  So if you want extra carrots but no broccoli – no problem.  Plus you are first in line to get our premium limited quantities products like fresh eggs from our heritage chickens, honey and garlic.  Plus we do lots of canning of sweet and savoury foods that you can store through the winter.  Now that our bees are producing more than ever, we make a lot of our sweet jams and jellies with unpasteurized honey, making them a big health boost!  No need to feel guilty about the jam on your toast.  We also love the fall harvest time when we can offer bigger quantities for good savings.  When you pre-purchase a food box from Aurora Farm, you will be supporting our team to also offer a great summer job for students who are keen to learn sustainable farming Aurora Farm-style.  It’s a win-win-win. Cost:  $400.  This is pre-paid credit.  Each Tuesday from July 11th to September 12th, you will get an email with a list of all of our offerings and their respective prices.  You order what you want and we deduct that amount from your credit.  That simple!  We won’t offer what we don’t have and we won’t give you what you don’t want. For more information or call 204-261-6279.  Limited spots available in this program so sign up early!...

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Winter Solstice Extended Hours and Winter Break Workshops

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Open Hours: Solstice Week:  Wednesday, December 21st to Saturday, December 24th inclusively – 11am to 7pm CLOSED SUNDAY DECEMBER 25TH Winter Break Hours:  Wednesday to Friday, December 28th to 30th CLOSED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY DECEMBER 31st AND JANUARY 1st.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Open Wednesday, January 4th to Sunday, January 8th – 11am to 4pm   Thank you to everyone who braved the cold to celebrate the Solstice! We had a great time visiting with everyone who stopped by. For those who couldn’t make it, the rest of the week should be warmer so please drop in for some Solstice cheer in our store and for animal visits in the barn.  We’ll have coffee, tea and some treats while you visit. We have a great selection of gift bags, stocking stuffers, and practical gift ideas that are local and handmade! If you’re worried about the roads or the weather hindering your visit, please contact us or check out our Facebook page for any updates. Ever wanted to make your own designer batch of goat milk soap? Or learn how to make your own cheese and crackers? We still have a few spots available in our Winter Break Workshop Series but they’re filling up, please send us an email ( or leave us a message (204-261-6279) if you have any questions or you’d like to register. Here is a link to the workshops available in the next few weeks. We hope that everyone has a great holiday season after making it through the first tough weeks of winter! Aurora Farm will be closed to the public Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (Sunday December 25th, Saturday December 31, and Sunday January 1). Thank you to everyone who has been out and supported us at the farm, at craft sales, and everywhere else, it’s been a great year! Don’t forget to drop off your Christmas trees for our goats to eat!...

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“No Thanks” to Energy East Pipeline in St. Norbert

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At the end of October, Aurora Farm will have a 20-minute time slots to address the National Energy Board panel reviewing the Energy East Pipeline.  We applied for and got what they call “Intervenor” status. Unlike so many people who care, we will have a say in whether or not bitumen should be transported from Northern Alberta to the East Coast of Canada through a pipeline that is 40-60 years old. The proposed pipeline in our neighbourhood is less than a kilometre away from Aurora Farm. This is the same pipeline that  many folks in St. Norbert witnessed exploding in 1996, taking two homes with it. The bank of the LaSalle river was too unstable for the pipeline and it ruptured. It still is. Trans Canada was given a weak slap on the wrist for that failure and told to self-monitor. No, we can’t get our hands on the reports. This was natural gas, not bitumen which is much more volatile with a deadly deadly smoke trail. Thanks to The Council of Canadians – Winnipeg Chapter, a lawyer and a scientist, we are now part of a team that has come together to fight this pipeline coming through our neighbourhood and across our country. Of course, Canada will never meet it’s global commitments to curtail global warming unless the oil of the tar sands remains in the ground. We won a small battle in the war against the National Energy Board this week. Two review board panelist members permanently recused themselves from their duties and the board must be reconstituted with members who do not have ties to the oil industry. One would think this to be a no-brainer. However, the list of omissions to the actual proposal by Energy East is much longer than that one issue. Here is the letter submitted to NEB by our lawyer Doug Tingey. Please have a read. Then copy and paste it to your Member of Parliament.  Terry Duguid is the MP for St. Norbert. National Energy Board 517 10th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 0A8 September 6, 2016 Attn: Sheri Young, Secretary of the Board Dear Sirs/Ms: Re: Energy East Pipeline Ltd. and TransCanada PipeLines Limited – Energy East Project and Asset Transfer, and Eastern Mainline Project (“Energy East”) File No. OF-Fac-Oil-E266-2014-01 02 Hearing Order OH-002-2016 Comments on Transition Initiative Kenora (“TIK”) Motion for Members Gauthier and Mercier to recuse themselves from Energy East Panel (the “Motion”) 1. I represent four intervenors from Manitoba – Falcon Trail Resort, Dennis LeNeveu, Louise May and the Saint Norbert Arts Centre (the “Intervenors”). This letter contains their comments on the Motion. 2. The Intervenors support the Motion. Discussion 3. The Energy East Panel has made and will make decisions that affect the interests of participants and the Canadian public and some of the decisions are at the discretion of the Panel. The Intervenors believe that to be acceptable, decision making and the exercise of discretion are required to be free of bias and the apprehension of bias. The Intervenors note that the Motion sets out circumstances, facts and supporting law describing the basis for a reasonable apprehension of bias that pre-date the Panel’s completion determination accepting the Energy East application and the subsequent issuance of the Hearing Order. 4. The Intervenors have reviewed the Motion and the documents TIK has put into evidence through the Motion and have prepared these comments after spending a considerable amount of time reviewing the Energy East application and matters stemming from the Issue List. The Intervenors have a reasonable apprehension of bias with respect to Members Gauthier and...

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Chicken Tractor Rental

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Aurora Farm Summer Chicken Tractor Rental This summer, we have decided to try out a pilot project of renting out Chicken Tractors to folks in the city who would like to try it out but not have to make a full commitment.  We are offering 3 chickens in movable pens with all the necessary supplies for one monthly rental fee.  We will deliver and pick-up with no questions asked if it doesn’t work out.  If you love it, and your neighbours are compatible, then you can purchase the chickens and equipment.  Nice and easy! Monthly rental fee: $50/month Damage Deposit: $50 Delivery and Pick-up: $20 each way (includes set-up tutorial on how to keep your chickens happy and healthy.) Bag of feed: $10 each. Or can be purchased at Horizon Poultry and Livestock Supply on Marion Street. Please buy Layer Ration. For more information, please email...

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