Summer 2016 Garden Food Box

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Aurora Farm Garden Food Box

We are very excited to be well into our seedling planting and it’s coming up beautifully.  Sign up to get our food box for 10 weeks this summer into the fall harvest.

How does it work?  Each week for 10 weeks, mid-July till the end of September, we send you a list of all our available produce and products.  You get to pick from available food categories. Food box pick-up at the farm or delivery each Saturday.  Each week we calculate what you have purchased and take it off your initial payment.   Delivery within the city is an additional $10 per week.

What’s in the food box?  We’ve got most things growing in our gardens.  Our most popular items last year were leafy greens, beets and carrots, herbs (tea, culinary and medicinal), tomatoes, beans and cucumbers.  We’ve got 2000 heads of garlic planted.  Our fresh eggs are usually in good supply but they are first-come first-serve.  And there’s baking!  Bread, cinnamon buns, quiches, pizza pops all made with organic whole grains.  Last but not least, this year, there will be a honey harvest at the end of the season so you won’t want to miss out on that!

What if I go away for two weeks in the summer?  No problem.  Because our food box works on a pre-paid credit system you simply let us know that you won’t be putting in an order and you will save your credit till you’re back from your summer holiday!

Can I get my regular favorite Aurora Farm products with my food box credit?  Of course!  Soaps, creams, lip balms, bath products and our popular all-natural “room deodorizer” Manitoba Mist can always be put in with your order each week!

What if I don’t use up all my credit by the end of the summer?  You do have to use up all your credit by the end of October.  But don’t forget, Aurora Farm products make great gifts and store well.  We also do a lot of canning, freezing and drying so will keep all winter long.

How much does it cost for an Aurora Farm Food Box?   $400 for a couple; $600 for a larger family; $200 for singles and seniors.

How do I sign up?  You can email to let us know that you will be taking a box.  You can drop off a cheque or pay cash or credit card at the farm on Saturdays and Sundays between 11am-4pm.  You can call 204-261-6279 with your credit card ready.

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